About Us

About Anna Marie's ABCs

Our mission is to celebrate each child as a gift from God, by creating delightful art that puts a smile on every face.

We aim to help children recognize their name as something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, and to give parents a treasured keepsake of their little ones’ name.

Our vision is to share a portion of our profits with charities that support all children and families around the globe who are affected by poverty, famine, war, or any form of persecution.

ABout Anna Marie

What started as a home made gift idea for a friend’s daughter has turned into an opportunity to deliver beautiful name art to thousands of children.

Anna Marie began by hand drawing name art on posters and T-shirt’s while she was living at the beach in Southern California. Later, in Canada, she realized the opportunity to take her art into the digital age and reproduce names with amazing color using professional printers and software.

In 2007 Anna Marie’s ABCS was launched and soon became the only name art company known to reproduce names while customers shopped at local events and artisan shows.

Many people who could never find their children’s names were finally able to purchase them  just like they wanted, and on the very same day!

At our online store, we aim to give our customers an easy and fun shopping experience using our Create Your Own name building feature. Now you can type in a name and quickly see it in different alphabet styles, colors and formats.

We welcome you to explore our different alphabet themes and see what your name looks like in Anna Marie’s adorable ABCs!